Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

How to Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

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Developer Options is a list of hidden settings that can help you fine-tune your Galaxy Z Flip 4. And in this guide, we are going to teach you everything you should know about it.

This guide is created with absolute beginners in mind, so don’t worry if you’ve never used the Developer Options before. We’ll take you through each step, ensuring you understand what you’re doing and why. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Understand What is Developer Options

If you’re new to the world of Android and are unsure about what developer options are, this section is for you. 

Developer options is a hidden menu in Android devices that houses a set of advanced tools primarily made for developers. These tools are used to test and debug apps, control device behaviours, and access system-level tweaks that are usually not accessible via the settings menu.

By default, this feature is hidden to prevent accidental changes that could affect the device’s functionality. This is because some of the settings within developer options are quite advanced and, if misused, could cause system issues. Therefore, it’s hidden and needs to be manually enabled by users who have a clear understanding of what they’re doing.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what developer options are and why they are hidden by default. Now let’s know why you might want to enable them on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Why You Should Enable Developer Options

Developer options provide a list of settings and tweaks that can enhance your device’s performance and improve user experience, and even fix minor issues. So why you should enable developer options? 

01: One of the most useful options available in the developer options is the USB debugging mode. This mode allows you to connect your device to a computer and use specific software to diagnose and fix issues. This can be particularly helpful if you’re experiencing software problems or if you’re a developer looking to test new apps or features.

02: Another helpful feature is USB audio routing. With this enabled, you can choose to route audio through a USB device rather than the device’s speakers. This can be useful if you’re using a USB headset or speaker and want to ensure the audio is being routed correctly.

developer option

03: Bluetooth settings in the Developer Options allow you to control the Bluetooth AVRCP version and the Bluetooth Audio Codec. This can help in improving the quality of audio streamed via Bluetooth and ensure compatibility with a wider range of devices.

04: The Animation speed customization option lets you control the speed at which animations play on your device. If you find that your device is lagging or animations are taking too long, you can speed them up from here.

While these are just a few examples, the Developer Options menu is packed with many more settings that can help you fine-tune your Galaxy Z Flip 4 to your liking, and this is the very reason why you should enable it.

However, it’s important to note that while these options can be beneficial, they can also potentially cause issues if not used correctly. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand what each setting does before changing it. We will discuss this in more detail in the next section.

Why You Should Not Enable Developer Options

While the Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 can unlock useful settings, there are also options within this menu that could potentially cause issues if not used correctly. 

These settings are generally hidden for a reason, as they can affect the functionality and performance of your device if mishandled.

Here are a few options that could cause problems:

  1. Don’t keep activities: This option destroys every activity as soon as the user leaves it. While this may save some battery life, it can also cause apps to malfunction or crash.
  2. Background process limit: Limiting the number of processes that can run in the background can save battery life and improve device performance. However, setting this limit too low can cause apps to reload frequently or fail to run in the background.
  3. Bootloader unlock: Unlocking the bootloader allows you to install custom ROMs and root your device, but it also voids your warranty and increases the risk of bricking your device. Furthermore, it can make your device more vulnerable to malware.
  4. Aggressive data handover: This option can increase the speed of switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data by favoring a faster connection. However, this can also lead to increased data usage and faster battery drain.
  5. Enable 4x MSAA: This option forces Android to use 4x multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and apps. While this can make games look smoother, it can also drain your battery more quickly.

Before you start tweaking these settings, it’s important to fully understand what each one does and the potential risks involved. If you’re not sure about a particular setting, it’s best to leave it alone.

Now, let’s move on to how you can enable Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

How to Enable Developer Options

Enabling the Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is an easy, straightforward process..

Follow these steps to enable Developer Options:

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Scroll down and select About Phone.
  3. Tap on Software Information.
software information
  1. Find and tap on Build Number seven times: You’ll see a countdown message saying, “You are now X steps away from being a developer.” Continue tapping until you see a message that says, “Developer mode has been enabled.”
build number
  1. Go back to the main Settings menu: You should now see a new option called Developer Options.
developer options

How to Reset Developer Options

At times, you may find that after tweaking some settings in the Developer Options, your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 might not function as expected. This is where the Reset all settings option comes into play. Resetting the settings will also reset the Developer Options changes you’ve made back to their default settings.

Here’s how you can reset the Developer Options by resetting all settings on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4:

  1. Go to “Settings“.
  2. Tap on“Apps“.
  1. Select “Settings“.
apps setting
  1. Tap on “Storage“.
setting storage
  1. Tap on “Clear settings” button, then tap “OK” to confirm
setting cache clear

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we have walked you through the process of enabling developer options on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.. We’ve also discussed the potential benefits and drawbacks of enabling these options, and provided instructions on how to reset them if necessary.

We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any further questions or require additional clarification, feel free to leave a comment below.


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