Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Z Flip 4 Fingerprint Not Working? Let’s Fix It!

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Fingerprint recognition is a common biometric feature found in many smartphones today. It allows you to unlock your device or authenticate various actions using your unique fingerprint pattern.

However, some Samsung Galaxy Z Flip users have reported a problem with this feature.

If your Galaxy Z Flip crashes when you try to add a new fingerprint or change fingerprint settings, this issue is caused by two factors. They are software glitches or system service errors. 

In this guide, we will provide six potential fixes to fix this problem, After following these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to use the fingerprint scanner of your Z Flip 4.

So Let’s get started.

Fix 01 – Toggle Off the “Put unused Apps to Sleep” Setting

Putting unused apps to sleep settings are designed to facilitate battery conservation and maximize the performance of the Android system on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This feature works by identifying apps that you haven’t used for a period of 2 to 4 weeks and putting them into a “sleep” mode. 

However, it will sometimes interfere with the functionality of certain system services, including fingerprint settings.

When an app is put to sleep, it is unable to run in the background or send notifications. This means that if the fingerprint settings app is put to sleep, it will crash or become unresponsive when you try to add a new fingerprint or change the settings.

To resolve this issue, you need to toggle off the “Put unused apps to sleep” setting. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Battery and Device care.
Battery and device care11
  1. Tap on Battery.
device care battery
  1. Then, tap on Background usage limits.
Background usage limits
  1. Turn on the “Put unused apps to sleep”
unused apps to sleep

Once you’ve done this, you need to check whether the problem is resolved by adding a new fingerprint or changing the fingerprint settings again. 

If the problem is still happening, don’t worry. Move on to the next fix.

Fix 02 – Remove Samsung Pay/Wallet From Deep Sleeping and Sleeping Apps

“Sleeping Apps” and “Deep Sleeping Apps” are two features that conserve the battery life of the Android system.

“Sleeping Apps” are applications that run in the background occasionally, but their notifications and updates may be delayed due to the system putting them into a low-power state. 

However, “Deep Sleeping Apps” are apps that never run in the background, nor do they send notifications or install updates unless the user opens them.

Samsung Pay or Samsung Wallet (now known as Samsung Pay) will be listed under these two categories. So you need to remove these apps from the “Sleeping Apps” and “Deep Sleeping Apps”. It will ensure the smooth operation of your fingerprint settings.

Follow these steps to remove Samsung Pay/Wallet from the “Sleeping Apps” and “Deep Sleeping Apps” lists:

  1. Open the app drawer and find the Samsung Pay or Samsung Wallet app.
app drawer
  1. Proceed to long press on Samsung Pay .
press on Samsung Pay
  1. Tap on Uninstall.
Samsung Pay uninstall
  1. Confirm.

After completing these steps, check if the issue is resolved.

Fix 03 – Clear cache of “” system service

“” system service is one of the system services in Android OS that helps the operating system and the applications installed on it to function properly.

This service is responsible for managing biometric data like your fingerprints on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It ensures that your fingerprint data is securely stored and accurately recognized when you use it to unlock your device or authenticate payments.

However, the cache of this system service will get cluttered with temporary files and data, causing it to malfunction. 

This could be one of the reasons why your device crashes when you try to add a new fingerprint or change the fingerprint settings.

To fix this, you need to clear the cache of the “” system service. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Apps.
  1. Show system apps.
Show system apps
  1. Search Biometrics.
Search Biometrics
  1. Tap on Storage.
Tap on Storage
  1. Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.
Clear Cache and Clear Data

After clearing the cache, try adding a new fingerprint or changing the fingerprint settings to see if the problem has been resolved.

Fix 04 – Do a Software Update

By updating the software, you will experience enhanced stability, improved functionality, and smoother performance on your smartphone.

Samsung has acknowledged the fingerprint settings crash issue and has promised a fix in their future software updates.

Here’s how you can update your Galaxy Z Flip:

  1. Head over to Settings.
  2. Tap on Battery and device care.
Battery and device care1
  1. Tap on Software update.
Software update12
  1. Then, tap on Download and install.

After the update, check if the fingerprint settings crash issue has been resolved.

Fix 05 – Reset All Settings

Resetting all settings will revert all system settings to their factory defaults, without deleting any personal data, apps, or files. 

It will be useful when dealing with persistent system glitches that aren’t resolved by other methods.

When you tweak settings and install updates, certain configurations will clash or become corrupted, leading to issues like the fingerprint setting crash. Resetting all settings will wipe away these problematic configurations.

Note: This will revert all system settings back to their defaults. This includes your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity settings, so you’ll need to set those up again afterward.

To reset all settings on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Settings.
  2. Go to General management.
general management
  1. Tap on Reset.
  1. Tap on Reset all settings.
reset all
  1. Confirm.

Fix 06 – Contact Samsung Customer Support

So far you have tried five fixes to solve the fingerprint setting crashes on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. But none of them are not helped to resolve the issue, it’s time to seek help from Samsung Customer Support. 

Samsung Customer Support

You need to contact them through their official website, or by calling their customer service hotline. When you contact them, make sure to provide all the necessary details about your issue.

Explain that you’ve been experiencing frequent crashes when trying to add a new fingerprint or change the fingerprint settings on your Galaxy Z Flip. It’s also important to mention the steps you’ve already taken to try and resolve the issue. 

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we have explained six fixes for resolving the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip fingerprint settings crash issue. We hope this guide helped you to fix the issue easily.

If you have any further questions or need additional clarification on any of the steps outlined in this guide, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And we are also happy to accept your feedback.


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